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DPS Driver Responsibility Program Surcharges 


In 2003, the Texas Legislature enacted the Driver Responsibility Program (Chapter 708 of the Texas Transportation Code).  This law, arguably a thinly desguised "road tax", assesses a surcharge against drivers convicted of certain traffic and criminal violations.

Under this program, DPS now assigns points for all moving violations committed after September 1, 2003.  Every year, DPS will assess a surcharge (civil fine) if a driver has accumulated six points or more on his or her driving record over the previous three years.  Surcharges are also assesses against individuals convicted of DWI, No Driver's License, No Insurance and Driving While License Suspended.

Points are assigned as follows:    

          Two (2) Points for most moving violations ( i.e. speeding, running a red light).

          Three (3) Points for any moving violation resulting in an accident.

Surcharge Schedule

Driver Responsibility Program surcharges are assessed for three years.  As an example, a driver convicted of No Insurance will end up paying DPS $750.00 in surcharge fees over the course of that three year period. 

Six Points                                         $100.00 annually
Each additional point                            25.00      "
No Driver's License                           100.00      "
Driving W/ Suspended License           250.00      "
No Insurance                                     250.00      "

Failure to pay DPS surcharges will result in a mandatory driver's license suspension.

The Grace Law Office has saved its clients thousands of dollars in DPS surcharges by ensuring that their traffic tickets and criminal violations were not reported to DPS as convictions.  If you have received a citation that may trigger a DPS surcharge call us at (512) 891-8000 for a free consultation.

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